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Visiting at
DaNS, Association of Novi Sad Architects
Svetozara Miletića 20, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia

23 February - 10 March 2017 #Exhibition
23 February 2017 from 6 pm #Presentation

Presentation Program
Moderated by Slobodan Jović, DaNS
Welcome Words by Ružica Bogdanović, STRAND

Followed by Presentation of Works by:
Tatjana Stratimirović & Neoarhitekti
Biljana Pavlović
Snežana Zlatković & Anđela Karabašević
Cristan Suau, Studio POP *Scotland [by Skype]
Nora Lefa *Greece
Vladimir Anđelković & Dijana Adžemović Anđelković, a2arhitektura
Bojan Tepavčević, Vesna Stojaković & Digital Design Center
Darko Reba, Marina Carević
Milica Stojšić

Overall time for each Presentation is 15 minutes.

Due to the limited space of the gallery some works will be exhibited as posters, and other works will be exhibited as e-version.

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gostovanje u organizaciji DaNS, Društvo arhitekata Novog Sada Svetozara Miletića 20, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Srbija

23. februar - 10. mart 2017 #Izložba
23. februar 2017 od 18.00 sati #Prezentacija

Program prezentacije
Moderator Slobodan Jović, DaNS
Pozdravna reč Ružica Bogdanović, STRAND

Prezentacija radova:
Tatajana Stratimirović & Neoarhitekti
Biljana Pavlović
Snežana Zlatković & Anđela Karabašević
Kristijan Suau, Studio POP *Škotska [putem Skype-a]
Nora Lefa *Grčka
Vladimir Anđelković & Dijana Adžemović Anđelković, a2arhitektura
Bojan Tepavčević, Vesna Stojaković & Digital Design Center
Darko Reba, Marina Carević
Milica Stojšić

Pojedinačne Prezentacije je predviđeno da traju 15 minuta.

Zbog ograničenog prostora galerije deo radova će biti izložen u formi postera, dok će svi radovi biti prikazani u e- verziji na projektoru.


ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop 2017
12th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners
Paris, June 2017

Cities, Olympic and Paralympic Games and other Mega Events
How to learn from experience

The Young Planners Workshop 2017 will be concluded at the 12th
Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners (12è Biennale
Européene des Villes et des Urbanistes) to be held 27- 29 June 2017 in
Paris & Plain Commune under the general title Cities and Olympic and Paralympic Games, feedback and future (Villes et Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques, bilans et prospective).

The deadline scheduled for sending Abstracts 10 March 2017.

ECTP-CEU (the European Council of Spatial Planners – le Conseil
Européen des Urbanistes)

Chair/ Coordinator
Ignacio Pemán Gavín (

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Introductory Grasshopper WORKSHOP


4-6 June 2016, Belgrade, Serbia

Museum of Applied Art, Gallery Jade, Vuka Karadžića 18, Belgrade, Serbia

As part of Second International Conference on the Digital Age


Andrea Graziano
, architect and computational designer
Co-de-iT member & Co-founder

The workshop will explore the use of Grasshopper, plug-in for Rhinoceros, to provide participants the fundamentals of parametric design to support their design explorations.
"Parametric Design with GRASSHOPPER" is a basic Grasshopper workshop that will focus on how its nature as an information processor and how it can be used in order to manipulate data and to inform geometry from the very simple up to more complex ones.
The modeling of parametric surfaces and geometries (Nurbs or Mesh) requires an understanding and manipulation of information and data structures in order to define the entire design process from design to production.
The aim is to give an understanding of information and data articultion as already a spatial and architectural operation.
Participants will learn to define algorithmical procedures to develop parametric data structures to inform their own 'data-driven' geometries and how to prepare the models for 3D printing process.

Software & Skills requirements:
Basic 3D modeling skills in Rhino3D are required.
Participants should bring their own laptop running Windows [actually Grasshopper does not run on Rhino for Mac] with pre-installed Rhino3D software and latest Grasshopper plugin version.

A fully functional evaluation version of the software can be downloaded at the following links:
Rhino 5 -
Grasshopper (latest version) -

Museum of Applied Art, Gallery Jade, Vuka Karadžića 18, Belgrade, Serbia

Calendar & Timetable:
4-6 June 2016
The workshop will have the following timetable:
9:00-13:00 - morning lesson
14:00-18:00 - afternoon lesson

• introduction to Grasshopper;
• interfaces, canvas, navigation;
• components: structures, colors, menu, wires;
• data flow basics: geometry types, data types;
• geometry creation: points, planes and vectors, curves;
• data flow intermediate: lists management: domain, interval, range, serie;
• pre-rationalization: constraints, range definition, domain mapping, modulation;
• surfaces;

• data flow intermediate: conditional operations, data visualization and control (text tags, panel);
• data flow advanced: data tree & pathmapping
• geometry instantiation (component to proliferation environment);
• attractor logics (one and multiple points, curves);
• informing geometries: colors & tagging
• surface subdivision & component design methods
• responsive morphologies

• mesh & subdivision tools
• mesh to 3d printing process;
• design tutored work (project development)

The deadline for registration is 27 May 2016. The workshop has 12 places available and will be activated with a minimum number of 10 participants.
To register please email

Subscription fees:
STRAND offers the following conditions for participation (each fee is valid for one person):

Type of participation For registration and payment
until 31 March
For registration and payment
after 1 April
For registration and payment
on site
for 1 Participant
EUR 30 EUR 50 not feasible
for 1 Participant
EUR 50 EUR 70 not feasible

* students, researchers & PhD (proof of status required). Proof of status will be required, e.g. scanned copy of institutional letter confirming status, sent to

Organized by:
This workshop is organized by STRAND in collaboration with Co-de-iT

Supported by:
Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade
Museum of Applied Art, Belgrade, Serbia

ECTP Young Planners Workshop 2016

This Edition of Young Planners Workshop is a project shared with 11th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2016 organized by ECTP-CEU along with the Committee of the Regions.

In this framework, the ECTP-CEU Young Planners workshop proposes a topic linked to the 11th European Urban and regional Planning Awards: mobility. This offers to the 2016 Young Planners workshop taking advantage of the Award Ceremony on the 4th July in Brussels to hold a common meeting-workshop together with Ceremony’s participants and Awards winners.

The organization has scheduled a previous and specific session the day before the Awards Ceremony for presentations of projects developed by young planners in order to promote discussions and conclusions.

As conclusion of workshop, the ECTP-CEU will publish an e-book with all projects and works developed and presented in the framework of Young Planners Workshop.

The deadline scheduled for sending Abstracts 20 March 2016.

ECTP-CEU (the European Council of Spatial Planners – le Conseil
Européen des Urbanistes)

Chair/ Coordinator
Ignacio Pemán Gavín (

Download the Program

ECTP-CEU (European Council of Spatial Planners - Conseil européen des urbanistes)

The 11th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards

ECTP-CEU, with the support of the Committee of Regions is proud to organise the 11th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards.

The ECTP-CEU’s European Urban and Regional Planning Awards give recognition to planning strategies, schemes or developments which make an outstanding contribution to the quality of life in urban and rural regions of Europe.

This is also a particular opportunity now that we have refreshed the European Charter of Spatial Planning stressing the emergency for strategy, participation processes and sustainable development in all processes of spatial planning.

The Award will be open to spatial planners and municipalities from the 47 European Countries of the Council of Europe.

Three categories of entries are considered:
1. Strategic Planning
2. Smart mobility within cities and territories
3. Energy efficiency and spatial planning

Petter Wiberg, ECTP-CEU – Norway, President of the Jury

and Members as follows:
Hella Dunger-Löper,
Plenipotentiary of the Land of Berlin for Federal and European Affairs, Representative of the Committee of the Regions and the Commission for Territorial Cohesion Territorial Cohesion Policy, Germany
Isabelle Maës, Policy Officer European Commission DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
Pirouz Nourian, Lecturer & Researcher of Urban Design Informatics at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, the Netherlands
Isabel Girault, Directrice Générale de l’Office de l’urbanisme de la République et du Canton de Genève , Switzerland
Hugh Ellis, Spatial Planner from TCPA
Dominique Lancrenon, ECTP-CEU Secretary General, France

All entries must be received by 29th February 2016.

The Celebration Ceremony takes place at the Committee of the Regions (Brussels) late spring 2016.

DOWNLOAD the Call of Entries where you will find all information.

Further information

ECTP Young Planners Workshop 2015

11th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners

Dublin, Ocotber 2015


Please find attached the program of 2015 edition of ECTP young planners workshop. Young Planners Workshop is a project shared with 11th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners to be held on the 15-16 October 2015 in Dublin under the general title Making Cities Work Technology in Planning Practice includes four sub-thematic areas:
a) Information and Communication Technologies;
b) Urban Mobility;
c) City Leadership and Governance;
d) Mapping and information systems.

ECTP-CEU (the European Council of Spatial Planners – le Conseil
Européen des Urbanistes)

Chair/ Coordinator
Ignacio Pemán Gavín (

Further information

Workshop E-Book 2015 download

Banjaluka, Republika Srpska

U okviru manifestacije DANI ARHITEKTURE 2014 - Arhitektura može pomoći, izložba O ARHITEKTURI gostuje u Banjaluci u Galeriji "Doma omladine" Đure Daničića 1.

Otvaranje u petak 30. maja u 20h. Dobrodošli!

Projekat DANI ARHITEKTURE 2014 je namijenjen stručnoj i širokoj javnosti, kao i svim poštovaocima kulture planiranja i korišćenja prostora. DANI 14 prikazuju svu raskoš, vrednosti i značaj promišljanja o prostoru, planiranja, projektovanja i korišćenja. DANI 14, na neki način, predstavljaju presek recentne urbanističke i arhitektonske produkcije, sa dalekim osvrtom na njene zlatne godine iz druge polovine prošlog veka. Projekat pokazuje ogromne mogućnosti arhitekture, te njene nesumnjive uloge u izgledu, doživljaju i značaju jednog prostora. Koji najviše govori o obrazovanju, razvoju, identitetu, svesti i kulturi jednog društva.


Istraživački centar za prostor

Užice, Srbija

U okviru manifestacije DANI MODERNE ARHITEKTURE UŽICE 2014, Izložba O ARHITEKTURI gostuje u Užicu, u Galeriji "Gradski Kulturni Centar" Trg Svetog Save 11.

Otvaranje u utorak 15. aprila u 13h.

Društvo arhitekata Užice
Gradski Kulturni Centar Užice

ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop on "Planning and Energy"

Brussels, Belgium

Please find attached the program of new 2014 edition of ECTP-CEU young planners workshop on "Planning and Energy", a project shared with the 10th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards which Ceremony is to be held on the 5th of May 2014 in Brussels.

Young planners are invited to participate in this edition with experiences on researches in rehabilitation and energy, or models of developments and energy, considering the title of the workshop within a wide focus.

ECTP-CEU (the European Council of Spatial Planners – le Conseil
Européen des Urbanistes)

Submissions Coordinator
Ignacio Pemán Gavín (


Browse Workshop Programme here.

Psychological Impact of the Colours in the Design

(in Architectural, Interior, Graphic, Product Design)
14 December 2013.
SASA Gallery of Science and Technology, Đure Jakšića 2,
Belgrade, Serbia

Workshop will try to make familiar participants with the influence of the colour in the design. Theoretical part (the first session) will refresh knowledge of the design and colour influence in it. Due to limited time, workshop will focus on fundaments in this areas. New findings and researches regarding cultural influence in colour impact (which is trend in science of colour today) will be presented as a part of the session.

The second session will focus on the practical application of the theory. Participants will have two hours to establish basic colour scheme as per their understanding for required design product. They will be organized in solo work or in small groups (up to 5 members), so small group discussion will be in focus of the practical work.

The most important part would be last part of the workshop – presentation with panel discussion, which will lead participants to the main conclusion of the workshop.

Focus of the Workshop would be Architectural Design, Product Design or Interior Design. Also, it could be a serial of the workshops for different participants, with different accents (architecture, interior, etc.).

Workshop Facilitator
Zoran Marković
Department of Industrial Design and Technology
, University of Botswana

STRAND - Sustainable Urban Society Association

Browse Programme here.

Project "City of Globalization / Wonderland for alice?
Redefining the Scale and Limits in the Globalized World"

Belgrade, 2010-2011.

The basic idea of the project is to present the current condition of the urban world, which is full of tensions caused by the process of globalization. Simultaneously, the project should provide new interpretations of numerous layers and contradictions which exist and overlap in a contemporary urban space - local and global, physical and digital, rigid and flexible.

Since the world of globalization gradually transforms into the urban world covered by ambivalent transurban systems, modern cities become more important. Supported by the advanced technology they increase their urban efficiency, while their dualistic nature manifests on numerous levels of communication. Having in mind that cities also represent a clear manifestation of our time and its relativity, a new image of urban reality reflects our desires and needs, as well as different rules of a global game.

Globalization radically changes the traditional comprehension of space-time relations introducing the new territories of (im)material flows, hybrid spaces and multidimensional topography.

Authors and Publication Editors
Professor Ružica Bogdanović
Associate professor Aleksandra Stupar

Ministry of Science and Technology of Republic of Serbia
Faculty for Traffic and Transport Engineering University of Belgrade, Department for Urbanism
Town Planners Association Belgrade
European Center for Culture and Debate, GRAD, Belgrade
International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP)

Special thanks to Minsuk Cho and Jinyoung Seo, Mass Studies, Seoul, Korea

STRAND - Sustainable Urban Society Association
Publication number ISBN 978-86-89111-01-9

Web address

(Serbian only)
"Znanje i ideje za održivu mobilnost"
Beograd, decembar 2011.

U okviru projekta "Evropski grad održive mobilnosti" u realizaciji Saobraćajnog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu uz podršku Centra za promociju nauke i tehnike održana je radionica "Znanje i ideje za održivu mobilnost" u okviru koje je profesor Ružica Bogdanović ispred Asocijacije za razvoj održive urbane zajednice - STRAND predstavila rezultate projekta "Napravi korak - unapredi okruženje".

Nosioci programa
Dr Snežana Pejčić Tarle, vanredni profesor Saobraćajnog fakulteta
Profesor dr Ružica Bogdanović, dipl. inž. arh., STRAND
u okviru projekta "Evropski grad održive mobilnosti".

(Serbian only)
Kampanja "Idemo pešaka!"

Beograd, januar 2011.

U okviru realizacije projekta "Napravi korak - unapredi okruženje" pokrenuta je kampanja u organizaciji STRAND pod nazivom "Idemo pešaka!" za promociju pešačkog kretanja kao ekološki prihvatljivog modaliteta saobraćaja koji može postati prioritet na teritoriji gradske opštine Vračar u Beogradu.

U okviru kampanje pored promotivnog materijala distribuirani su zaključci sa okruglog stola "Promocija pešačkog kretanja kao ekološki prihvatljivog modaliteta saobraćaja u gradovima i veza sa drugim vidovima održivog transporta", održanog 30. novembra u Velikoj sali Opštine Vračar u Beogradu.

Web adresa

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