Accepted Abstracts

Please browse the Draft List of the Abstracts for the Multimedia Event On Architecture 2017 Keynote Talks & Conference.

WeSense: Social Sensing and the Quality of Urban Environments
Alexandra Tisma, Netherlands

Fusion Architecture
Wilfried van Winden, Netherlands

Urban ClimaAdApp
Sanda Lenzholzer, Netherlands

The HappyHier project
Sjerp de Vries, Netherlands

The Need For (re)Definition
Mitesh Dixit, USA/Netherlands

Frank van der Hoeven, Netherlands

Energy Modelled Realities… The 21st Century Architect as an Adopter or Adapter to Data Driven Design?
Sonja Dragojlovic-Oliveira, United Kingdom

The Incomputable
Dejan Marković, Austria

Imaginary Maps
Aleksandra Jovanić, Serbia

From Macro to Micro: Exploring Design Ethics as an Intra-scale Epistemic Condition
Konstantinos Moraitis, Greece

On Process
Mitesh Dixit, USA/Netherlands

How to Choose the Perfect Filter of Creativity in the Digital Age
Stefan Stanojević, USA

Transgressing Scale as a Design Method
Architecture and nature: ECO Station, War Island, Belgrade
Ana Nikezić, Pavle Stamenović, Nataša Janković, Serbia

Urban Niches as an Inspiration to Heritage
Denis Ambruš, Vlatko Dusparić, Croatia

Sculpture – Architecture: the Kozara Memorial, Dušan Džamonja
Nevena Predojević, RS, BiH

The Architecture of Post-Diplomacy:
Construction Process of the Japanese Embassy in Belgrade
Ivan Filipović, Japan

Multifunctional Flood Defences
Damjana Lojaničić, Serbia

Freeform Glass Architecture and Computer Tools
Tatjana Kosić, Igor Svetel, Serbia

Digital and Architecture: Still Not a Perfect Match
Igor Svetel, Tatjana Kosić,  Serbia

Every Building is an Archive
Alexandros Kyriakatos, Switzerland

SECOND CITY  – Discovering Potential in the Margin
Saša Radulović, Canada

When Utopia Meets Reality
Marina Radulj, RS, BiH

Levels of Space Influence
Aleksandra Pešterac, Serbia

Complexity: Dynamic Diagrammatic Architectures
Dragana Ćirić, Serbia

Functional Excess: Ornament in the Post-fordist Transformation of the Production of Architecture
Miloš Kostić, Serbia

Architectural Approach for Defining Immersive and Evocative Space in Videogames
Karl Mičkei, Serbia

Square Mythologies: Extending the Boundaries of Narrative in Enclosed Spaces
Virna Koutla, United Kingdom/Greece

Different Approaches to Mythology in Architectural Practice and Theory on Belgrade Riverbanks
Miloš Milovanović, Serbia

Flickering Story
Jelena Nikolić, Serbia

Architecture as 3D Teacher in Education for Sustainable Development in Non-formal Environment
Nevena Srećković, Germany

The Path to the Future through the Development of Smart Architecture
Miodrag Ralević, Serbia

Digitalized Architecture Path to the Dematerialization of the City
Miodrag Ralević, Serbia

Virtual Reality Between Past and Future
Nora Lefa, Greece and Rada Čahtarević, Bosnia and Herzegovina